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We all know how everything goes off first impressions.  Whether you greet social media with open arms or tend to stay in the background with it, there’s no getting away from it being one of the most powerful tools for getting your business noticed on the online world.

What your business delivers is naturally the key, however,  creating that all important brand and image will surely help you stand out from the rest and give your business the look and feel of professionalism and integrity that you deserve. With this, we offer social media branding products, that will be sure to make users scroll back to your identity.

variant profiles and friendly facebook headers

All of our social media products come with two profiles as standard – colour and monochrome.  We also sell a multi-brand bolt-on, in which you can order additional variants of your brand for specific times of the year or occasions. Our facebook headers are designed to ensure that they perform correctly, regardless of what device you are viewing it on.  In the demonstration below, the actual part of the image which is shown on all devices, is that within the blue and red markings.  This is what is known as the Safe Zone.

keeping your business in the safe zone

cover images and profile images display differently on different devices

Giving full priority to the desktop size will cut off key content on a mobile device

Giving full priority to the mobile size, will cut off key content on a desktop computer

Ensuring the info and graphics fit within the correct parameters means it is viewable on all devices

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